What is a Kettlebell Gym? (with picture)

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Kettleball gyms specialize in workouts focused on the kettleball.
Kettleball gyms specialize in workouts focused on the kettleball.

A kettlebell gym is a training facility equipped with special tools for getting individuals more muscle tone and overall strength. Training with kettlebells is one of the hottest new fitness routines getting popular everywhere, and specialized gyms provide more training opportunities and convenient setups for working out with these power-building fitness aids. Kettlebell gyms often have specialized trainers who have worked with kettlebells, and know how to customize them to anyone’s fitness needs.

Kettlebells, also called girya, are heavy metal weights with handles. Modern kettlebell training initially developed in Russia and Eastern Europe, and later made its way to gyms throughout the world. Today, lots of Americans use kettlebells, not just for power, but for balance, agility, and overall core strength. Where kettlebells used to be mainly a tool for military and law enforcement professionals, lots of “civilians” use them for better physical fitness and more body capacity.

There are special exercises that individuals can do with kettle bells. These include classic activities like lunges and squats, as well as swings called “cleans” or “jerks.” Kettlebells offer great challenges for muscle groups, because when you hold them, they put the body off balance and create a balance challenge. These balance challenges target muscles with significant resistance, and when the body works against the kettlebell, it gets stronger quickly. Working out with kettlebells over time can add to the upper and lower body, as well as core muscles that stabilize the spine and support the torso.

A kettlebell gym will have various weights of kettlebells front and center in a weight training area. These gyms often hold group classes where experienced kettlebell professionals show how these tools were used historically, and how they benefit users today. The kettlebell gym may be part of a greater training area with all of the amenities like swimming pools and ellipticals, or a custom gym that focuses on power training with free weights.

Although beginners can benefit a lot from a kettlebell gym program, the way that kettlebells are made means that trainers don’t have to go to the gym to use them. Kettlebells don’t take up a lot of space, and some people who are experienced with them like to have them at home to be able to work out with them more frequently. All you really need is a fitness mat and a set of kettlebells to promote all of the body challenges that help users train up so quickly with these versatile free weight tools.

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    • Kettleball gyms specialize in workouts focused on the kettleball.
      Kettleball gyms specialize in workouts focused on the kettleball.