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How Do I Choose the Best Home Gym Parts?

T. Carrier
T. Carrier

Individuals generally purchase home gyms to keep healthy and to build muscle mass, so home gym parts should be chosen with these primary factors in mind. Some of the different home gym parts you might consider are weight plates, resistance bands, and pulley systems. The amount of use the home gym will see may also help determine which parts are best. Price and gym user aptitudes are further considerations. In general, gyms created from steel and that contain adjustable benches provide a good overall experience for most users.

Perhaps the primary choice in home gym parts rests in the decision between weight plates or bands and rods. Weight plates will better simulate an actual gym experience, because they are heavier and provide the gym user with more resistance. Weight attachments allow workouts on various parts of the body, including the chest, legs, and abdominal area. In addition, physical plates can be adjusted to provide a workout experience suitable to the user’s fitness level. Dual plates can even be purchased that allow more than one individual to use the gym simultaneously.

Elevated risers are a cheaper alternative to a stair master in a home gym.
Elevated risers are a cheaper alternative to a stair master in a home gym.

Some home gym users may prefer resistance home gym parts that are less expensive and more portable. In these cases, resistance bands and tension rods can provide a thorough and versatile workout. Such components usually work by using tension placed on the rods or bands to raise resistance. For advanced users such as weightlifters, the level of resistance provided by these system types may be too weak, however.

Cable and pulley systems are also home gym fixtures, particularly those equipped with weight plates. If bicep and leg work are primary points of emphasis, then the low pulley home gym system is a good bet. A high pulley system, on the other hand, focuses on strengthening the triceps and the shoulders. Pulleys made of fiberglass are generally considered to provide the best quality.

A home gym bench may be either stationary or adjustable. If the bench is mobile, it will usually incline. This ability can allow the user to make the exercise easier or more difficult. Adjustable seating areas can also better compensate for different user heights.

The actual framework of the home gym should be durable and stable. Heavy steel composition is often recommended. As for the finish, enamel and chrome are popular options. Surplus cushions and pads can add comfort and help reduce parts breakages.

Several accessory parts may enhance the home gym experience as well. For example, fixtures may be added that focus on working specific parts of the body like the shoulders or the hamstring area. Since weight training often makes use of spotters, spotter stands may also affix to a home gym. Other additives might range from water bottle and towel stands to mats.

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    • Elevated risers are a cheaper alternative to a stair master in a home gym.
      By: william87
      Elevated risers are a cheaper alternative to a stair master in a home gym.