What is an Adjustable Kettlebell?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Woman posing
Woman posing

An adjustable kettlebell is a free weight tool with different weight "stacks" that users can add to adjust the weight they will be using. The kettlebell is a free weight with a handle that is getting popular as a portable weight training tool. The kettlebell provides for lots of unique training opportunities. In an adjustable kettlebell, users "open" the piece of equipment and organize individual weight modules to add or subtract weight for different exercises.

The adjustable kettlebell helps users build on traditional kettlebell routines that originated in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, where military and law enforcement professionals used them to prepare for duty. As the practice of using kettlebells spread to a much larger community, many found that adjustable weights helped to broaden their routines. That's one reason adjustable kettlebells are so widely in use around America and beyond.

The adjustable kettlebell with its useful handle and compact shape provides progressive training through specific exercises that help train various muscle groups. The kettlebell swing is a favorite, where users move the kettlebell in different trajectories to challenge the body and build overall muscular capacity. Other kettlebell exercises called cleans, jerks, squats, and lunges are also a frequent part of a user's routine. All of these are optimized by the user's ability to add or subtract weight with handy weight-stacked kettlebell models.

Adjustable stacked bells are also popular for exercises where the kettlebell's weight puts a balance challenge on the user. Progressive kettlebell exercises can work the core muscles that support the spine and torso. Core training is a must for all kinds of recreational and athletic fitness routines, and helps the body support larger limb muscles, where adjusting the weight on these handy tools lends itself to safe, steady buildup of muscles.

Another advantage of the adjustable kettlebell is its versatility. Adjustable kettlebell designs allow users to work out with just one free weight unit, as opposed to several. This makes a lot of sense for those who have to take their training tools with them wherever they go. It also means more room in the gym, where traditional progressive weight sets of fitness tools take up a lot of shelf room.

All kinds of gyms and health clubs can invest in adjustable kettlebell sets that give clients more weight training options. An adjustable kettlebell can also be a great addition to a home gym. Those involved in the fitness world can see adjustable training tools gaining ground within the general fitness retail industry.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing