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What is a Half-Round Table?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A half-round table, also known as a half-moon table or half-circle table, is a type of table that looks like half of a circle, with one straight edge and a rounded edge. It is a popular choice for entryways or hallways, where it may be used as a side table, or for smaller dining rooms or kitchens. The table can be placed flat against the wall, with the round side extending out into the room. Some people also use this style of half-round table as a type of accent table for displaying decor in a room; they are available in all different sizes and shapes, some with drop-leaves that can be raised to make the table a complete circle if extra space is needed.

In general, wood is the most popular material of choice for making a half-round table. Oak, maple and cherry are popular selections, but many different types of wood may be used depending on the furniture styles in the rest of the home. Glass topped tables are also common, as well as tables made out of metal or wrought iron, which tend to be slightly more modern or more ornate. Wicker half-round tables may be placed on a porch or patio for outdoor use.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Many people choose to use a half-round table as a piece of decorative or accent furniture. This is because it does not take up a great deal of space, yet is still an attractive and convenient place to store items. A table placed by the door, for instance, can be a receptacle for keys or mail as family members get home. Hallway tables or accent tables in a living room can be used for displaying decorative items, such as framed photos or collectibles. Often, people will purchase a half-round table as part of a matching set of two, and use them on either side of the couch in the living room.

Another option is to purchase a larger half-round table and use it as a dining table. These types of tables will typically feature a drop leaf on one side. This means that side of the table can be elevated and locked into place, making it a full round table as needed, but it can remain a half-round table the rest of the time. For people who have friends or family visiting occasionally, the ability to enlarge the table can be very helpful, even if it does not need to be that big all of the time.

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I have a half-circle coffee table. It's antique and beautiful but I need ideas to decorate it. Please help.


Our kitchen is very small and usually it is just the two of us, so we choose a half-round table to place against the wall in the kitchen. When we need some extra room, it is easy to just pull out away from the wall for additional seating.

The round kitchen tables that we looked at took up too much space. I enjoy having the extra space for the two of us, but yet being able to accommodate more people when I need to.


I have a small entry way, but wanted to put some kind of furniture there and a half-round table ended up being the perfect fit. Even a small round table took up too much room, but with the half-round table having a straight side, fit right up against the wall.

I have a decorated mirror placed above it, and a colorful flower arrangement sitting on top for a nice accent. It is big enough to make a nice addition to the entry way, but small enough that my family does not dump all their stuff on it when they come in the door.

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      Woman posing