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How Do I Choose the Best Hallway Table?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The first step in choosing the best hallway table is measuring the available space in the hallway to accommodate a table. Buying a table that is too large can restrict walkway access, leading to a safety hazard. A table that is too small may look out of place and may not be able to accommodate your needs. Measure the hallway carefully and bring a tape measure with you when you go to the store to look for a hallway table. This will ensure you get the right dimensions for the best fit in your hallway.

Most hallway table models feature very simple designs since the table is small and will not be bearing too much weight. The materials used for such tables include wood, metal, and glass, and each material has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Wood is perhaps the most common material, and it is often the most expensive. A hallway table can be made from many different types of wood, and each wood will have its own characteristics such as a strong grain, color, finish, durability, and so on. Choosing the best one is a matter of considering the aesthetics of the wood as well as the durability and resistance to rot or damage.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

If wood will not fit the aesthetic of your home, consider a metal table. Metal is a durable choice that is very attractive in many cases, especially when the table is made from wrought iron or cast iron. Very often such hallway table models will feature a glass tabletop to further enhance the aesthetic of the table and provide a surface that is easy to clean. Glass can be fragile, however, so care will need to be taken to prevent cracking or chipping.

Think carefully about what you will be placing on the hallway table before purchasing. If you intend to put a plant or other light to moderate weight object on the table, a small table will be fine. If, however, you intend to place a heavier object such as a sculpture or other piece of art on the table, you may want to consider a model that is built with thicker legs and broader support. A low shelf provides more storage, but it also provides stability for the legs of the table. Consider such a design if you will be placing something valuable or heavy on the table. Be sure to check the table for stability before purchasing; inspect all joints and test the table for wobbles or creaks.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip