What Is a Bespoke Bed?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
A bespoke bed.
A bespoke bed.

The term "bespoke" means custom-made or handmade, and it is a term generally used in the United Kingdom. A bespoke bed is, therefore, a bed that is custom-made or handmade specifically to a buyer's specifications or needs. The bed itself can be made by a professional furniture maker or woodworker, or a homeowner can make the bed him or herself; the idea behind a bespoke bed is to make a unit that is unique, visually appealing, comfortable, and convenient.

Some homeowners choose to have a bespoke bed made to accommodate a certain space that may otherwise be inconvenient as sleeping quarters. The bed can, for example, be built into a wall or alcove, it can be made into a Murphy bed that folds up into a hidden space within the wall, or it may be designed in such a way that it takes up less space in the room. In other instances, the bespoke bed may be made simply for aesthetics and comfort; the woodworker can make a custom frame with decorative posts or even a canopy. Sometimes the bed is designed with storage in mind, so drawers may be built into the base or shelves may be built into the headboard. The limitations are outlined by the bed owner's needs and desires.

Sometimes the existing furniture, floors, walls, and overall decor will dictate how the bespoke bed is made and from what materials. The furniture maker can create a unique piece that complements the existing decor by using high-quality and attractive woods, by designing the bed in keeping with the size, shape, and function of other furniture in the room, or even by designing the bed to take advantage of available natural light from windows or skylights. The bed does not always need to be made from wood, either; the owner can specify other materials to be used as accents or supports, including metal, leather, certain types of plastics, and so on.

Comfort is often a motivation for having a bespoke bed built. The height of the bed can be modified, as can the overall features such as the frame, supports, headboards, and even the bedding itself in some cases. Some bed owners may choose to have a mattress custom made for the bespoke frame, and bespoke blankets and sheets can be fitted to the mattress to complete the unique bedroom decor.

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    • A bespoke bed.
      By: karam miri
      A bespoke bed.