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What Does a Psychology Tutor Do?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

A psychology tutor will typically offer students a range of instructional lessons in the field of psychology. This kind of work may be related to secondary or postsecondary education, where high school students, college students, or graduate students may need specific kinds of psychology tutoring. Those who offer tutoring in psychology professionally will often have specific qualifications related to the different parts of this scientific field.

Many psychology tutors help students to meet certain goals and objectives for passing college-level courses in psychology. These college courses may be related to general psychology, abnormal psychology, specific clinical applications of psychology, or other fields like social work where psychology is applied in relation to these fields. The psychology tutor will help students to prepare for homework assignments, tests, or research papers as necessary.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

In order to help prepare the average student, the psychology tutor might help his client develop more familiarity with technical language around psychology. Case studies may be used to teach the students principles of psychology, so that they can talk knowledgeably about psychology related issues in research papers, or other scientific assignments. Students may request specific types of tutoring on areas of psychology, from more clinical or medical related psychology to therapeutic or behavioral elements of the subject.

In the course of their work, a psychology tutor might also introduce a student to various fundamental pieces of writing about psychology that will inform them on either the history of this field, or its modern application. Many psychology tutors will present the student with modern clinical coding for psychology that will help them to define diagnoses within the common clinical context. This may require a lot of memorization and study of detailed technical diagnosis coding, or written summaries of common psychological illnesses or disorders.

The psychology tutor may provide lessons at a student’s home, at a school, a university, or in a range of different locations, including specific conference room spaces set up by an employer. Alternately, the psychology tutor might offer lessons to students on a freelance basis, or might be hired directly by the student’s family or employer. These professionals may be employees of an educational company or independent contractors, which will change the nature of their business related to annual tax filings and other financial considerations.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book