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What Does a Marketing Program Manager Do?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Marketing program managers are usually responsible for overseeing all of the operations that help businesses improve their images, educate the public about their programs and services, and appeal to targeted demographics. This kind of manager might differ from other marketing managers in that he or she closely oversees individual programs or projects. For example, a marketing program manager might be in charge solely of an Internet marketing campaign to promote a specific product. He or she might write web content and advise web designers about how best to convey images dictated by professionals at the executive level.

In most cases, a marketing program manager is highly educated with an undergraduate degree in marketing or in a similar field. He or she might also have a graduate degree. The levels of experience of these marketing professionals depend largely on the responsibilities associated with specific marketing program manager roles. For instance, a program manager who oversees only Internet marketing might need to have experience writing web content and using social networking as a marketing tool. A professional who oversees all marketing operations and works closely with different kinds of marketing programs, on the other hand, might have years of experience in different facets of the marketing profession.

A marketing manager discussing goals with company executives.
A marketing manager discussing goals with company executives.

It is common for a marketing program manager to meet with high level professionals, such as top managers and executives. He or she needs to be familiar with the image that leaders want to convey. For instance, if decision makers want to sell a product as being modern or cutting edge, a marketing program manager communicates this information to graphic designers, content writers, and advertising associates.

Marketing program managers commonly oversee lower level functions. For instance, they might spend time in graphic design departments, where logos and visual images are created for advertisements and product packaging. They give designers information about the demographics toward whom they should be directing their designs, and which messages or ideas they are supposed to convey.

Likewise, a marketing program manager might also visit professionals in advertising departments. He or she might discuss budget issues and strategies determined in meetings with managers. It is also the job of this kind of manager to ensure that all marketing and advertising initiatives are on schedule.

In many cases, a marketing program manager has a team of professionals he or she oversees. This team can include creative professionals, such as designers, and advertisers, who might buy advertising space in magazines and websites and time on television networks. In these scenarios, a program manager might recruit new employees, oversee promotions, and conduct training.

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    • A marketing manager discussing goals with company executives.
      By: Jenner
      A marketing manager discussing goals with company executives.