What Does a Global Business Director Do?

K. Reynolds

A global business director is responsible for managing and overseeing the global business activities of a corporation. A primary duty is working with the executive team in accomplishing the financial goals of the business by increasing its market share worldwide. In addition to the financial goals, it is also required that the global business director effectively manage business operations in order to ensure that the company remains competitive and fulfills its duties to the customer.

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Good managerial skills are a must for anyone who is placed in this position. The global business director routinely sets multiple business objectives and works closely with a numerous departments worldwide in order to accomplish the objectives as efficiently and cost effectively. He or she must also be cognizant of the various regulations that affect the company in different countries throughout the globe.

A global business director job is not an entry-level position. In order to qualify for just a job, a person will often be required to have a college degree and many companies will often require candidates to have a graduate degree in management or business administration. In addition to the educational requirements, a global business director will often need to have extensive experience in managing a large corporate workforce. This position will also require frequent travel to the markets which the director oversees or the markets which the company is looking to enter.

Individuals with experience as an operations manager or sales manager can often make the transition to become a global business director as they generally have experience managing people across multiple divisions. It is also common that individuals coming from a sales or operational management position are well versed in the tactics needed to increase revenue and operate more efficiently. Directors are often in contact with the field teams responsible for generating sales or fulfilling orders and work closely with the teams that manage key customer accounts.

Overall, a global business director has a huge responsibility in managing hundreds — and often times, thousands — of team members. The revenue goals of a company are directly tied to the global business director, making this one of the most important jobs within a corporation. Although the job can be stressful and require a lot of travel, this position often pays more than $100,000 US Dollars (USD) a year, depending on the company and the size of the territory that needs to be managed.

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