What Does a Director of Revenue Do?

Mary McMahon

A director of revenue works to increase sales and profits for a company through a variety of activities. These can include developing new products and services, working on advertising campaigns, and analyzing business strategy. Typically directors of revenue report to a senior manager and may work with a team of individuals. The job can involve some travel if the employer is a company with multiple branches or locations of operation. Requirements for job applicants can depend on the employer and the industry, and may include a college degree in some cases.

Most director of revenue duties require individuals to manage teams of various sizes, as well as producing monthly reports on revenue earnings and activity.
Most director of revenue duties require individuals to manage teams of various sizes, as well as producing monthly reports on revenue earnings and activity.

This member of a company’s administrative staff looks at current revenue and identifies ways to improve it. A director of revenue needs to be creative and innovative when it comes to finding new sources of income for a parent company. The work can include looking at reports from specific departments as well as visiting individual branch locations to learn more about how they operate. Familiarity with brands, products, and services offered by the company is critical.

One part of the job can include working on advertising initiatives. Companies with strong advertising can cement their customer base as well as attracting new customers. It may be necessary for a director of revenue to identify new comunities to target, or to track numbers in specific demographics to learn more about what they respond to. Advertising campaigns can include tools ranging from promotions to attract customers to print advertisements to make people aware of the company’s offerings.

New product and service development is also important for a company that wants to stay competitive. Periodic releases are often expected by members of the public, whether they are new amenities at hotels or brand new laptop models at a computer company. The director of revenue can identify customer needs and assist with the development of targeted products to increase sales and keep them high. Auditing individual departments and locations can offer more ways to save and increase revenue by spending money more efficiently and effective.

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In some regions, this job title refers not to a corporate employee, but to a government representative. A director of revenue in this sense oversees a government agency responsible for tax assessment. This can include collecting income and property taxes, setting sales tax rates, and other activities. Like their civilian counterparts, these government employees evaluate revenue collection methods and determine how to increase them to make more funds available. Accounting or tax experience is usually necessary for such jobs, and it can help to have experience within the agency before applying for a position.

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