What are Wedding Magnets?

Erika Peterson

Wedding magnets are customized magnets which include a photograph of the couple to remember the occasion of their wedding. Wedding magnets are also used as "save the date" notices, which are cards or small items which are sent out several months before an important formal event. A formal wedding invitation follows later.

Wedding magnets can be used in lieu of thank you cards after a wedding.
Wedding magnets can be used in lieu of thank you cards after a wedding.

To create the magnet, a digital photo or scan of a printed picture can be printed onto a magnet through a digital image photo service, or can be homemade by printing out or cutting your own photo and sticking a self-adhesive magnet on the back, trimming the edges to make the proper fit. If the magnet is not a peel-and-stick, the photograph can be adhered to it using craft glue or a small amount of hot glue. Through the use of digital technology, the image can be cropped, centered, rotated and enhanced before being put on the magnet. Colors, special effects and borders can be added for a creative touch.

People at a wedding reception.
People at a wedding reception.

Wedding magnets can be moderately pricey if purchased through a photo service. If homemade, they are much more time-consuming but also a lot less expensive. Another way to make them is to run sheets of ink jet printable magnet paper through a printer such as you would with cardstock. There are varieties of computer software programs that offer project-building features.

The photos can be laminated, which is recommended for preservation. Without a protective coating, the photos will wear, scratch and may start to peel off over time. Wedding magnets are often given as favors for the wedding guests, or kept as keepsakes. They are the perfect favor for any type of wedding reception.

Wedding magnets are also used as thank you cards for wedding gifts. This option is thoughtful and creative, and more personal than a card. They may not always include a photo, but perhaps a love verse or poem, or a thank you message and the date of the occasion. Wedding magnets might include a simple "just married" message to let friends, acquaintances or family members know about the wedding.

The benefit of giving out magnets instead of card invitations or thank yous is that they won't be thrown away like its traditional counterparts often are. Instead, they will adorn the side of everyone's refrigerator, leaving for themselves a lasting impression of their creativity, their marriage union, and the symbol of their love.

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