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What are the Different Types of Kitchen Magnets?

Nychole Price
Nychole Price

Kitchen magnets have many uses. They are used for clipping up notes, displaying contact information, framing photos, hanging up items, educating and self expression. There are a large variety of refrigerator magnets to choose from. The type of kitchen magnet you purchase is determined by your needs or statement you wish to make.

Many people like to hang reminder notes or bills where they can be seen in clear view. For many people, this area is the refrigerator, as everyone has to eat at least once a day. Magnetic clips work perfect for this purpose. They are relatively strong and can hold at least a couple sheets of paper. They are also great for closing the chip bag when you are done munching on them.

Refrigerator magnets.
Refrigerator magnets.

Advertising magnets are distributed by businesses. Companies hand out kitchen magnets so their contact information is easily seen by you. Should you need one of the services they offer, you are likely to call them first, as their information is readily available. These are mostly used by pizza companies, plumbers and pest control services.

For people who like to display photos throughout the house, picture frame magnets are a wonderful invention. There are two main kinds of photo magnets; acrylic frames with magnetic backing and magnetic photo borders. The acrylic frames have a slot to insert pictures of predetermined sizes. Magnetic photo borders come in various sizes and are laid over the top of the photo.

Fridge magnets may be purchased in retail and online stores.
Fridge magnets may be purchased in retail and online stores.

Magnetic hooks are the most useful of the kitchen magnets. They can be hung on the front or sides of the refrigerator to hang pot holders, towels, utensils, keys and various other frequently used items. It keeps them in easy reach without taking up precious counter and cupboard space.

Kitchen magnets can also be educational. Many homes with children have magnetic letters of the alphabet and numbers. Some versions have voice-activated holders that state what letter or number the magnet represents. The letters can be rearranged for children to practice spelling their names and other words.

The most popular magnets tend to be ones that people collect. Magnets are a way for people to express themselves. Fridge magnets can represent a place a person visited or a hobby a person has as well as display funny quotations or sarcastic comments. You can tell a lot about a person by the magnets they collect. This type of magnet can still serve the basic purpose of securing an item to the refrigerator.

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    • Refrigerator magnets.
      By: Elnur
      Refrigerator magnets.
    • Fridge magnets may be purchased in retail and online stores.
      By: Feng Yu
      Fridge magnets may be purchased in retail and online stores.