What are Wardrobe Boxes?

B. Miller

Wardrobe boxes are large cardboard boxes with metal hanger bars inside. They are great for moving or for storing off-season clothes without worrying that they will be damaged. Most wardrobe boxes are designed to be able to be shipped, which is an important feature if you are not renting a truck to move, but are instead mailing your belongings.

Wardrobe boxes are designed to be shipped, which is useful when moving.
Wardrobe boxes are designed to be shipped, which is useful when moving.

The main benefit of using wardrobe boxes is that the clothes can come out of the closet on their hangers, be placed on the metal rod inside the box where they will remain hanging, and then be taken right out of the box and hung up inside the new closet. The obvious benefit to this is that you will save time and space since you will not have to take your clothes off the hangers, fold them, and place them in boxes, only to have to unfold them and hang them back up.

Hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes will also prevent them from becoming wrinkled or torn after being packed tightly inside a box. You will not have to do as much ironing when you arrive in your new home or when you get your clothes out of storage. This is a great way to save valuable time.

Because wardrobe boxes are so sturdy, they are often more expensive than a plain box without a metal hanging rod inside. If you do purchase wardrobe boxes as part of your moving supplies, however, they can be saved and re-used for your seasonal clothing. Your heavy winter sweaters, for example, can be packed away and protected from dust during the summer, leaving you valuable extra space in your closet.

Another option is to use wardrobe boxes as your children outgrow their clothes, to save the clothes for a younger brother or sister or a friend of the family. If you do not wish to buy brand-new wardrobe boxes, you can often find gently used ones for sale at yard sales or on online auction sites. There is no reason you shouldn't be able to re-use them for moving or storage.

There are different sizes of wardrobe boxes available to accommodate different types of clothes. You might need longer ones for dresses and shorter ones for sweaters, pants or shirts. Purchase the different sizes you need, but bear in mind that if you will be mailing these boxes, you need to verify with the post office or the shipping company that the boxes will meet any size or weight requirements.

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