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What Are the Pros and Cons of Cheap Hair Extensions?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

One of the biggest advantages of cheap hair extension is their low price, which allows a person to change her hairstyle often. There also is generally a wide variety of options available in the lower price ranges, but these may not be suitable for some of the more complex installation methods. Cheap hair extension are also generally made of synthetic materials, which may look and feel unnatural. They may also damage a person's real hair and cause allergic reactions.

Cheap hair extensions can be beneficial for individuals who have a tight budget. They allow a person who is seeking to change her look to do so at an affordable price. Even more, they allow individuals who want to regularly change their hairstyles to do without imposing a significant financial burden.

Blonde hair extensions.
Blonde hair extensions.

Variety is also a possibility with cheap extensions because there tends to be a wide range of offerings. Some beauty suppliers provide consumers with hundreds of options, including various styles, colors, and types of low-priced extensions. There are often fewer high-priced weave options provided by both manufacturers and suppliers. On the contrary, there may be a limited number of options of cheap hair extensions that are suitable for some of the more complex installation techniques, such as bonding.

Cheap hair extensions are generally made of synthetic materials, which can present several problems. To begin with, they may be manufactured with a variety of low cost ingredients, such as harsh chemicals. This can cause some individuals to experience allergic reactions.

Also, cheap, synthetic extensions often look and feel fake. They commonly lack texture that is comparable to human hair, and the colors may be harder to identically match. They are also prone to problems such as matting and tangling. This can be a major problem for individuals who are insistent on a natural appearance.

Another problem with cheap, synthetic extensions is that they may leech the moisture and oils from a person's real hair, resulting in extreme dryness. Depending on their installation, they may cause other types of damage to an individual's natural hair. This is especially true when these materials are used for styles such as braids. On the flip side, some individuals take care of their natural hair better when they use cheap hair extensions because they do not mind regularly removing and replacing the weave. Individuals who have expensive hair extensions installed are often hesitant to rapidly discard them and may leave them in for longer periods, neglecting proper care of their natural hair.

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    • Blonde hair extensions.
      By: pavel Chernobrivets
      Blonde hair extensions.