What are the Pros and Cons of a Cast Iron Fire Pit?

Misty Amber Brighton

A cast iron fire pit is generally more durable than steel or clay pits. It also gets hot very quickly, so people can enjoy a fire sooner. If the structure has legs, it will be less likely to tip over than fire pits made from other materials. Some disadvantages are the fact that it can be difficult to move from place to place and might stain the surface underneath it. Since it gets very hot, people may also need to keep objects a farther distance away from the pit.

Cast iron fire pits can contain a heavier amount of charcoal.
Cast iron fire pits can contain a heavier amount of charcoal.

Cast iron fire pits may be less prone to rust than those made of steel. They are also less likely to break or chip than clay models. Even so, it may be more difficult to clean a cast iron fire pit because of the grooves normally found on the surface. Iron also tends to discolor easily, especially when exposed to moisture. This could mean one of these fire pits might leave orangish rings on a concrete or patio.

A cast iron fire pit is typically heavier than other types. This can make it very stable to use, and it is not likely to collapse or tip over. The weight can make the device difficult to move, especially if the fire pit is a single piece.

Fires tend to burn hotter in a cast iron fire pit than in other types. This can mean people are able to enjoy the warmth from them sooner. It can also require people to keep things a farther distance away than might be necessary with a metal or clay fire pit. Cast iron also tends to retain heat longer, so people might be burned by touching the outer walls long after the fire has been extinguished.

The cost of a cast iron fire pit is typically very high compared to other models. This is especially true if the unit is being shipped, because it is very heavy. It may be difficult to find one of these fire pits in many areas.

People who like to cook outdoors over an open flame may prefer a cast iron fire pit to a metal one. This is because a grate can be easily placed over the top to hold food. Grilling in this way is often similar to using a charcoal grill or cast-iron skillet to prepare meals. Many individuals believe this surface enhances the taste and quality of food prepared in this manner.

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