How do I Choose the Best Custom Fire Pit?

K. Gierok

Fire pits are commonly used in cool fall evenings, at large parties, or even small get-togethers. In order to choose the perfect custom fire pit, it is important to keep some basic recommendations in mind. First, those who are interested in purchasing a fire pit should evaluate the size of the area that the fire pit will be placed in. Next, buyers should determine what type of material the pit should ideally be made from. Choosing a particular style of pit is also an important decision when it comes to custom fire pits, and should be considered carefully before making a final decision.

An custom fire pit.
An custom fire pit.

One of the most important decisions that must be made by individuals who are interested in purchasing a custom fire pit is the appropriate size of the pit. While a large fire pit can allow for more heat, it is important to avoid one that is so large that it takes up too much of available space. In contrast, though a small fire pit is often much more portable, making it a good choice for those who intend to use it while tailgating or for other similar purposes, if it is too small it will not provide adequate room for a large group to gather around.

Those who are interested in purchasing a custom fire pit must also determine what type of material the fire pit ideally will be made from. Cast iron is a popular choice due to its high level of durability. In some cases, however, cast iron's extreme weight can serve as a disadvantage. Cast aluminum pits are another possible option, and their relative light weight makes them an excellent choice for those who plan to move the pit on a regular basis. Those who are looking for the lightest weight custom fire pits may want to consider choosing one made from resin, as it can easily be transported from location to location. In addition, resin fire pits are typically quite inexpensive, and therefore owners can be relatively rough with the pit and not worry about the cost of replacing it.

Customers who plan to purchase a custom fire pit must also evaluate the aesthetics of the pit, and determine which style is most preferable. While there are a number of different styles of fire pits currently on the market, the most common include the chiminea — which is a small, enclosed fireplace — or the open pit — which provides bystanders a complete 360 degree fire view. Neither of these options is necessarily preferable over the other, and instead a choice can simply be made based on personal preference.

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