What are the Issues Surrounding Ecommerce Payment?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
Debit or credit cards are often used for ecommerce transactions.
Debit or credit cards are often used for ecommerce transactions.

Issues surrounding ecommerce payment may include finding a company to provide card reading services and as shopping carts for the website, as well as having a web server that is completely secure so that customer card information is kept safe and private. Merchants must also have a site design that is capable of running these things efficiently and smoothly. Although these are complex issues that must be dealt with, there are several sites and companies which offer streamlined and simple solutions for business owners.

There are many companies which offer shopping carts or card readers so that customers can pay using their credit cards when shopping from a website. Services may be offered through a web hosting company, or a company who offers these services in combination with physical card readers for retailers who sell goods both online and through a physical location. Fees may be charged monthly, as a certain percentage per purchase, or both. Retailers should shop around to find the best rates.

Customers shopping at any retailer’s site want to know that their information is being kept private and secure when they make a purchase. This is one of the issues surrounding ecommerce payment because many consumers may not fully trust a website when it comes to their personal information. For this reason, merchants should choose companies that offer a guarantee on security and consumers should only shop from sites offering the same thing. Card numbers and other sensitive information should be encrypted by the server before being sent so that no person actually sees the card number.

In order for these things to be used effectively on a website, the online store itself must be properly designed and equipped to handle shopping carts, inventory, and other issues that will have to be kept track of. This is generally done through back-end coding which stores information into databases which are kept on the web server. For this to go smoothly, merchants must choose a good web host, purchase the correct amount of hosting space, and either hire a professional database programmer or choose a host that offers these services as part of a package. Less expensive template options may also be available.

Other issues surrounding ecommerce payment involve choosing which credit or debit cards to accept, choosing whether to accept checks or Paypal®, and deciding on ways to return money in the even that a customer doesn’t wish to keep an item. Each of these things will need to be added separately onto the site and kept track of through the web server. Hiring a designer or choosing a template-based hosting solution is the easiest and more effective way of handling issues surround ecommerce payment, with both options being efficient and often affordable.

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    • Debit or credit cards are often used for ecommerce transactions.
      Debit or credit cards are often used for ecommerce transactions.