What are the Different Uses for Concrete Paving Slabs?

Dana DeCecco
Dana DeCecco
Laying concrete paving slabs typically requires a base of gravel groundwork.
Laying concrete paving slabs typically requires a base of gravel groundwork.

Concrete paving slabs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. These user-friendly products are a great alternative to pouring concrete or setting natural stone. Concrete paving slabs are commonly used to create attractive surfaces for patios and walkways. Swimming pool decks and driveway surfaces can be created using these durable products. Landscape steppingstones can be used for garden walkways and low-traffic areas.

Landscape pavers come in plain concrete slabs and a number of beautifully sculptured designs. Pavers are formed and stained to look like stone, brick and even wood. Combinations of various styles can be used to create unique paving solutions. Modern designs are handcrafted to create realistic patterns of stone and brick. Sculptured pavers have a textured finish that provides a durable, non-slip surface.

These products are available in many interesting shapes and sizes. Concrete paving slabs are user-friendly, allowing the creative homeowner to design a completely unique project. Porches, patios and walkways can be custom-designed by the homeowner. Installation instructions should be available from the supplier. Proper drainage and sub-grade work are the keys to a professional-looking and long-lasting project.

A sidewalk requiring steps can be constructed by combining concrete paving slabs with pressure-treated lumber. The sidewalk frame and steps should be constructed using pressure-treated timbers. Enough space should be allowed inside the frame so that the paving slabs fit nicely within the frame. Sand should be used to fill the frame, and it should be tamped down, leaving room for the pavers. The frame will hold the pavers in place for many years.

Concrete paving slabs can be purchased from local building material and landscape suppliers. Some styles might have to be specially ordered. The supplier might provide a delivery service for larger projects. One should be sure to order the sand and gravel needed for sub-grade work. A good base will ensure that the project will last for years.

Bigger projects might require extensive preliminary groundwork. A gravel or sand base is preferred over soil. The base will provide proper drainage and a firm, smooth sub-grade. Concrete paving slabs are easily installed over a well-prepared base. A driveway project will need a substantial base of compacted gravel and sand to support automobile traffic.

Paving slabs provide a cost-effective method of achieving professional landscaping. Durability and walkway safety are among the major advantages of these products. Pictures and descriptions of concrete paving slabs are available online.

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    • Laying concrete paving slabs typically requires a base of gravel groundwork.
      By: Virynja
      Laying concrete paving slabs typically requires a base of gravel groundwork.