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What Are the Different Updos for Thick Hair?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

Creating updos for thick hair can be time-consuming and difficult due to the amount of hair that needs to be worked with. Thick hair can also be quite heavy, making it harder to keep an updo style for a sufficient length of time. These issues, however, can also be considered positive aspects because thick hair has lots of volume and there is plenty of hair to work with, enabling more elaborate styles — including buns, braids, and bouffants — without the help of hairpieces.

There are several different styles that create good updos for thick hair. The first of these is the low bun style. Buns can either be at the center back of the head, at the nape of the neck, or off to one side. This is a good updo style for thick hair as it sits low on the head, making the weight of the hair less of an issue and giving the style more staying power. A large, high bun is also an attractive style for thick hair but must be made quite secure so that it stays in place.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Sectioned-off styles also make good updos for thick hair. Smaller sections of hair are separated and either twisted and pinned, braided, or simply ponytailed and then tied together in different patterns. Sectioned styles are good for thick hair as they break up potential bulkiness and tame hair. Single-section styles can tend to made thicker hair appear somewhat bushy.

Braided updo styles work well with thick hair. The sheer amount of thick hair allows for intricate braiding patterns or even a single, thick braid that can be pinned up on the head. A combination of braided hair and a bun can work especially well for women with thicker hair.

Updos with half of the hair up and the other half down can also be a good choice for this type of hair. The stylist, however, must be careful not to make the portion of the hair that has been taken up too tight as it can then look quite disproportionate in thickness with the hair that is left loose. Curled updos for thick hair are also a good style, but the curls should be loose and wavy to keep the volume and body of thicker hair without the explosion of hair that tighter curls can cause.

Retro styles work very well as updos for thick hair that is longer, especially bouffant styles, and these take much less work with thick hair than other hair types. Many retro styles involve intricate pinning and curling, and thick hair is helpful in providing a good result without the inclusion of a hairpiece. Finally, as with all hair types, accessories, whether they be jeweled clips or flowers, add style and appeal to any updo. This is especially true for women who have thick but short hair.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book