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What Are the Different Updos for Curly Hair?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

Women who are creating updos for curly hair already have a head start as their curls provide lots of texture. Plus, the messier the updo is, the more romantic and stylish it becomes. There are a number of different styles that can be used when creating updos for curly hair, including retro looks, braided styles, twists, and buns.

It is best to create an updo with curly hair the day after hair has been washed as washing makes curly hair more fluffy and the curls less defined. If hair is washed the same day as wearing the updo, a diffuser should be used to dry the hair to minimize frizz and create more volume. Hair products can define the curls so that they are smooth and silky as well.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Retro styles such as pin curls and finger waves look great and are often easier to create with curly hair because much of the texture is already there, and the hair will hold added texture more easily. Even a simple ponytail high on the back of the head can create a stylish retro look, especially if the curls are larger and looser.

Pinned braided styles are good updos for curly hair, with the contrasting textures creating a very pretty look. Looser braids are usually more fitting as they incorporate the curls better, and if any curls or strands come loose, they just add to the style. A half-up, half-down updo is also a good style for curly hair. Like thicker hair, however, the portion of the hair that is pulled back should be done loosely so as not to look odd against the loose, curly portion. This style of updo looks especially nice with curly hair when loose braids are incorporated.

Another updo style for curly hair is to twist it up and pin it. This style can be created by either sectioning off hair into smaller separate twists at the back or side of the head or one large twist. If a single twist is used and the hair is longer, the ends hanging down out of the top of the twist can either be pinned to the rest of the hair or allowed to hang loose. Any strands that come loose will add further texture, and strands can be pulled out near the front of the head on purpose to frame the face.

Buns also create fabulous updos for curly hair. Again, looser styles work best with curly hair, and a loose, low bun at either the nape of the neck or the side really makes the most of curly hair while presenting a more sophisticated look. This style also looks good with escaped tendrils. A similar style to the bun is a loose, messy knot, again, with lots of free curls.

Finally, updos for curly hair are always enhanced with accessories, whether they be jeweled pins, flowers, or headbands. With curly hair, it is important to keep the accessories in scale with the volume of hair. Thinner hair with more delicate curls and a flatter style should use smaller, more delicate accessories, while thicker curly hair with more volume can handle larger, bolder pieces.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book