What are the Different Types of Waterproofing Services?

Dana DeCecco

Waterproofing services provide a variety of products and systems to help maintain dry living and working environments. Foundation coating companies offer a line of products developed for new construction. Dry basement systems have been developed for existing structures with wet or damp areas. The exterior of homes and buildings must be in a weather tight condition to guard against the elements. Painting and roofing contractors offer waterproofing services to keep rain and snow from damaging buildings.

Parging can add a layer of coating that helps waterproof a wall.
Parging can add a layer of coating that helps waterproof a wall.

Foundation waterproofing services are usually involved in the construction process. New homes and buildings, particularly those with basements, require waterproof foundations. Companies that provide these services generally use asphalt and oil based products to repel water from the foundation surface. Various membranes such as plastic sheathing can also be applied to guard against water intrusion. Plastic vapor barriers are often applied under concrete floor slabs.

Roofing contractors waterproof the roof and related elements of a home.
Roofing contractors waterproof the roof and related elements of a home.

Traditional methods of application for asphalt coatings include brush, roller, or spray. Waterproofing services generally have their own style of application, and the asphalt products available are similar in nature. Parging concrete block walls with a masonry mortar is also a waterproofing technique. Proper drainage must also be installed, usually in the form of a french drain.

Spray polyurethane barrier products are used to waterproof and insulate foundations, roofs, and walls. These products are very effective at providing a watertight surface that is durable and long lasting. Normally, such products are applied during the construction phase from the exterior of the building. Proper drainage and channeling of roof water are important factors in a foundation waterproofing system.

The waterproofing services industry also offers solutions for existing structures with wet or damp basements. The best waterproofing systems are always done from the exterior of the building, but some innovative companies have developed basement systems that can be installed from the interior. These typically involve a perimeter drain that channels ground water to a sump pump. The excess water is then pumped to a downhill location.

Many areas with high water tables have waterproofing services that install sump pumps in basements. A high water table combined with a clay soil can create wet basement problems. Roofing companies that provide gutter services can divert roof water away from the home. Excess roof water is the number one cause of wet basements.

The entire exterior of a home should maintain some degree of waterproofing to repel rain and the elements. Painting and siding contractors can apply caulking, paint, siding, and many other products that repel and keep moisture from entering the home. Roofing contractors waterproof the roof and related elements of the home. Waterproofing specialists are also available for driveway, patio, deck sealing, and virtually any portion of a building that needs to be waterproof.

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