What is a Waterproofing System?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Sump pumps in basements can eliminate water from buildings.
Sump pumps in basements can eliminate water from buildings.

Most homeowners are aware of how much damage excess water can cause in certain areas of the house. A waterproofing system can help prevent water damage from occurring by sealing surfaces that are prone to leaks. Typically, such systems are found in basements, but any room that receives excess water can benefit from waterproofing services.

One type of waterproofing system involves adding a sealant to the interior of the area that is at risk for water damage. This is typically best for buildings prone to humidity, such as an underground structure surrounded by soil. Though the moisture may be on the outside of the structure, it can result in wet interior walls. The product of this is often mold, and a chemical sealant is one waterproofing system that can help avoid this issue. This product can usually be purchased at a home improvement store and applied by homeowners without professional help from waterproofing contractors.

Exterior water drainage is another way to waterproof a basement or other structures at risk for water damage. It can be expensive, and often involves digging up the soil around the foundation. The point of this process is to seal the foundation and drain any existing water from the exterior. If the structure in question is a basement, any adjacent landscaping and driveway slabs will need to be temporarily removed while the work is performed. Since this waterproofing system is often complex, many homeowners prefer to hire waterproofing contractors to do the work.

Another popular type of waterproofing system is interior water drainage, and it is typically considered before exterior drainage is performed. This process is similar to the exterior one, but is typically less complex and a bit less expensive. It involves pulling up water from under the foundation, usually through a pipe. To eliminate water from the area, a sump pump is typically used, which will pull out the water once it reaches a particular level. Though this process is often less intensive than exterior water drainage, many homeowners need some professional help from a waterproofing company to correctly perform this type of work.

Initial waterproofing is typically done during construction of a home, but excess humidity, old age, or disasters like flooding might necessitate additional waterproofing later on. Though mold is typically a telltale sign of water damage, it is sometimes possible to catch moisture issues before mold appears. Contacting a home inspector or waterproofing company is often advised if water damage is suspected.

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    • Sump pumps in basements can eliminate water from buildings.
      By: Tim Glass
      Sump pumps in basements can eliminate water from buildings.