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What are the Different Types of Vanity Sink Tops?

B. Miller
B. Miller

There are a few different types of common vanity sink tops that can make a big difference in the appearance of a room. The first consideration for sink tops is whether one wants a single or a double sink; space is usually the primary issue when deciding between a single or double sink, though many people find that a double sink is so convenient that it is worth the sacrifices in space. In addition, there are a number of different styles of vanity sink tops, such as drop-in sinks, vessel sinks, or undermount sinks.

Most of these vanity sink tops must be installed on a larger countertop that features a cabinet base. Simple pedestal sinks are typically fairly limited in the different types of sink tops that can be installed, since by nature they are designed to be very classic and simple. Otherwise, some of the most common sink tops are drop-in sinks, which is because they are easy to replace and typically relatively inexpensive. They may literally be "dropped in" to an existing countertop once the current sink is removed.

Drop-in sinks are one of the most common sink tops.
Drop-in sinks are one of the most common sink tops.

Undermount sinks are another common type of vanity sink tops, particularly in bathroom remodels or new construction. These are seamless sinks in which the edges and sink bowl, or bowls, blend right in with the material used for the countertop. The sink may be made of porcelain or other materials, or sometimes it will be made with the same material as the countertop. These vanity sink tops are stylish as well as easy to clean, and though they are slightly more expensive, they are still quite popular.

Vessel sinks are the exact opposite of undermount sinks. These typically look like a large glass or copper bowl sitting on top of the counter. These are often a feature in more modern homes, and tend to be some of the most expensive sink options because the faucet hardware will need to be replaced as well, since it will need to be elevated to reach the bowl of the sink.

When choosing vanity sink tops, consider the size of a bathroom. A pedestal sink can be a great way to make a small room look more open, but there's a good chance that plumbing will have to be redone in order to make it narrower. Sinks that are mounted on top of cabinets make it easier to disguise plumbing. In addition, installing a double sink into a home might make it more appealing to future buyers if the home is ever sold.

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    • Drop-in sinks are one of the most common sink tops.
      By: djtaylor
      Drop-in sinks are one of the most common sink tops.