What are the Different Types of Test Technician Jobs?

Terrie Brockmann
Terrie Brockmann
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

There are many test technician jobs available for people who are interested in electricity, electronics, or both. Most test technicians have one or two years of specialized training, such as a degree from a vocational school, but some technicians need only a high school diploma or its equivalent. Generally, technicians test items, make the necessary repairs, and maintain the test equipment. They may work in factories, repair shops, and other facilities that have electrical or electronic equipment. A test technician may do bench work, which means that he or she works at a permanent location, or may do field work.

Typically, electrical technicians work with electrical devices and power sources. Sometimes electrical test technicians in factories are responsible for maintaining and updating the manufacturing equipment. In manufacturing facilities that make electrical appliances or devices, they may test the product electrical systems. Many times electrical test technician jobs are specialized, such as jobs in the oil and gas refinery business, on military bases, or in the aerospace and aviation field.

Electronic work relates to the apparatuses, such as integrated circuit boards or computers, that control devices. Often a technician needs to be familiar with electrical testing and repair as well as electronic work. In a factory setting, an electronics test technician generally tests electronic products as they progress through the manufacturing process. Similar to the electrical test technician jobs, electronics technician jobs frequently focus on a specific area of expertise. An example of a specialty job is a technician in the research and development department in an automobile manufacturing company.

Other test technician jobs may include after-market automobile or other motorized vehicle testing, especially in repair shops. Often a worker skilled in vehicle repair enhances his or her career by learning how to use diagnostic test equipment. Usually vehicle test technician jobs require the applicant to have knowledge of hydraulics, mechanical works, and other skills.

In some businesses, a technician associate or entry-level technician can rise to the test technician supervisor or manager position. Some companies reimburse employees for additional schooling, and often a test technician can use this to rise to the level of engineer. Other technicians transfer to the customer support department to help consumers deal with problems.

The telecommunications and cable television offers several test technician jobs. Cabling test technicians include installers, trunk technicians, and others. These three positions generally are fieldwork, but the bench technician and the chief or supervisor positions are normally stationary, indoor jobs. The chief of cable technicians performs all supervisory jobs as well as helps solve complex system problems.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip