What Are the Different Types of Cable Technician Jobs?

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Cable television is a large industry that employs many people, some of whom work at cable technician jobs. There are entry-level cable technician jobs and those that require more advanced skills and experience in the field. Many of these jobs are hands-on and require on-the-job training to learn. Jobs include those of installer, trunk technician and service technician. Supervisory and maintenance jobs are also available jobs in this line of work.

Many cable technicians begin work as installers. Installers utilize different types of cables to create cable connections to individual homes and businesses. Once the cable is installed, the installer needs to make sure that it operates correctly and that the customer has the correct cable channels and equipment that he or she ordered. This is a basic entry-level job that does not require more education than a high school diploma. Training generally occurs on-the-job by experienced installers.

Maintenance workers in cable technician jobs have the duty of making sure that the cables are placed correctly. They make minor repairs if possible and otherwise report problems so that more experienced technicians can come and fix them. This is another entry-level position where training occurs on-the-job.

A trunk technician is more experienced than an installer or maintenance technician. They handle the main cable line that all of the smaller cable lines connect to, which is known as the trunk. These cable technician jobs require that workers understand how to make repairs on the trunk with the proper tools and equipment. Trunk problems can cause large outages that affect many people, so this job requires more on-the-job training than some of the others.

The service technician is responsible for answering service calls from customers and fixing the problem if possible. Knowledge of tools, equipment, and making repairs is needed for these cable technician jobs. Repairs vary considerably from problems within an individual home to problems with the cable equipment, so the ability to adapt and improvise to the circumstances is needed.

Supervisors work to oversee all of the various cable technician jobs and make sure that everything is running smoothly. A supervisor might end up working in the field or working in the office depending on what the needs of the technicians are at the time. This position requires a higher level of education and training, and a college degree is usually preferred to get hired at this position.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip