How Do I Become a Cable Technician?

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In order to become a cable technician, a person needs to have completed a secondary school education and a specialized training program in cable technology. In most cases, the technician will be given a certificate after completing this program which states that the person understands how to properly install and repair the technology used by cable companies. Many cable technicians will also have had previous experience in cable installation, and some will have gone to a university, though neither of these are requirements.

The first thing a person needs to do in order to become a cable technician is to finish high school. Not all cable companies require that their technicians have this level of education, but a high school diploma shows potential employers that a person is competent in math and reading skills, which are both necessary in cable installation and repair. People who have not completed high school may be able to take a test that proves they do have the skills they would have needed to graduate.

A college education is rarely required in order to become a cable technician. Despite this, some college-level coursework in math, science, business, or communication might be helpful for a person looking to get a job in this field. Some higher level positions, such as supervisory cable technician jobs, may be easier to get if a person has a college degree in a relevant field as well as practical experience.

Cable technicians must be able to solve problems and to make repairs while they are in the field. This means that they must be able to analyze a situation and to determine the best course of action, given a strong understanding of cable technology. In order to gain the knowledge needed to successfully complete these tasks, a person who wishes to become a cable technician will need to receive specialized training in cable technology. Training programs may be available through trade schools, non-profits that offer licensing to technicians, or cable companies. In most cases, a cable company will provide the necessary training after a person is hired as a technician.

Experience in working with cable is also important for a person looking to become a cable technician. The most common way to gain experience in this field is to work as a cable installer. Many people who have jobs as cable technicians started out as installers and were then promoted into the more challenging position of the technician.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing