What are the Different Types of Raised Garden Design?

Harriette Halepis

Creating a raised garden design might be the best way to ensure that crops will grow in your yard. Raised gardens tend to have many advantages over traditional gardens, and most of these advantages relate directly to the amount of crops that are produced. To begin with, many flowers and vegetables thrive when soil is drained properly.

Raised beds give a gardener more control over soil conditions.
Raised beds give a gardener more control over soil conditions.

Aside from water lilies, almost all types of plants prefer drained soil. Filling a raised garden with soil and fertilizer is a great way to ensure excellent drainage. In addition, a raised garden design will help to produce far more crops than a regular garden does. Since plants have plenty of space to grow within this type of garden, the result is a larger overall crop.

Caring for a garden that is placed in a higher spot is also easier than caring for a regular garden. Raised gardens aren't as appealing to insects and pests, and they hardly every become susceptible to foot traffic. Thus, plants placed within this type of garden won't become eaten or damaged.

Choosing the type of raised garden design that works for your home will largely depend upon the amount of time that you have to spend working on your garden. Temporary raised gardens are simply constructed from layers or soil without any kind of concrete reinforcement. These gardens are great for part-time gardeners that don't intend to keep a garden spot for more than one season.

A permanent raised garden design includes some kind of permanent structure such as a garden wall, fence, brick, wood, or other solid material. These gardens will last for a number of years, though they also require constant maintenance. When creating this type of garden, make sure to put a lot of thought into the planning process.

The location of a raised garden is largely up to you, though you will want to make sure that your garden it not too wide. Building a wide garden that is hard to take care of will mean trampling upon plants in order to enter and exit the garden. Instead, try and create a garden that is just wide enough to maintain with ease.

Aside from pay careful attention to the width of your garden, the type of raised garden design that you choose is really a matter of personal choice. Almost all plants and vegetables will thrive inside of this kind of garden if they are given adequate care and attention.

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