What Are the Different Types of Quality Engineer Jobs?

M. Kayo

The different types of quality engineers, also known as quality control or quality assurance engineers, include those who specialize in software, manufacturing, industrial, construction, telecommunications, and many other fields. Regardless of the field, the main responsibility of those in quality engineer jobs is to find ways of making something better or to ensure that something is the best it can be. Working as a software quality engineer may require collaboration between the software quality control engineer and a team of technicians to develop quality control tests. Manufacturing or industrial quality engineers work to test and validate all aspects of a manufacturing process or the actual products manufactured. Construction quality engineer jobs involve working on-site at a building or construction project to ensure the quality of contractors, engineers, and inspectors working at the site.

Quality engineers may specialize in manufacturing.
Quality engineers may specialize in manufacturing.

Those working in software quality engineer jobs may work by themselves or with a team of other software engineers or technicians to perform tests on various types of software. These engineers are highly trained, may have an extensive software development background or experience, and are quite capable of providing expert technical advice. They provide test procedures for newly created software based on expected performance criteria, technical specifications, and user interface standards. Software quality engineers collect and analyze data for generating quality assurance (QA) reports for the software development team.

Quality control engineers may specialize in certain industries, like pharmaceuticals.
Quality control engineers may specialize in certain industries, like pharmaceuticals.

Ensuring the overall quality of the manufacturing process or the quality of actual products is the responsibility of those working in manufacturing or industrial quality engineer jobs. Most who work in this field have a degree in quality engineering, manufacturing processes, or a related field. Quality control engineers work to establish standards for determining a product's level of quality. They also work to improve product quality through provision of statistical analysis and technical support for various tests. Another function of this job is the development of various testing processes that ensure that a high level of quality is designed into the products manufactured.

Those professionals working in quality engineer jobs associated with the construction industry work to ensure the quality of materials, sub-contractors, workers, and building techniques or processes. This process begins in consultation with an engineer or architect to determine the best materials and people for a project. A construction quality engineer may review, analyze, and even approve the contractor's methods of quality assurance and his safety procedures. Day-to-day on-site management may be necessary to oversee the duties of various engineering inspectors, skilled craftsmen, and other professionals working at the construction site. Other duties for this position include conducting regular quality control meetings with key personnel, ensuring the technical compliance of work completed, and the preparation of weekly or monthly quality and safety reports.

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