What are the Different Types of Outdoor Summer Jobs?

Lauren Romano

Considering how sought after outdoor summer jobs are, many people start applying in the beginning of spring or earlier. From working on a beach to in a forest, there are many types of job that are either full-time or part-time. Some of these jobs, whether or not they are an internship, could even lead to a job in the future with that employer.

Lifeguard accessories may include whistles.
Lifeguard accessories may include whistles.

Being a lifeguard is one of the outdoor summer jobs that is perfect for those who want to be near the water and out in the sun. The job requires a huge amount of responsibility and observation. In addition to receiving lifeguard certification, those interested in the position must also take CPR and training courses. Lifeguard positions are available at water parks, beaches and pools.

Being part of a construction crew is one outdoor summer job.
Being part of a construction crew is one outdoor summer job.

For those who are looking for outdoor summer jobs involving their favorite major city and dealing with a lot of people, being a tour guide is a position to consider. Large cities, such as New York and San Francisco, offer tour guides the opportunity to show tourists around either on foot or by bus. It typically requires memorizing a script, keeping everyone happy and engaged and being able to answer any relevant questions.

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Some summer bartenders work near the pool at luxury resorts.
Some summer bartenders work near the pool at luxury resorts.

Someone looking for outdoor summer jobs that involve working with kids might consider being a camp counselor. The job requires a lot of patience and energy. One type of camp counselor position is at an outdoor day camp, usually at a park, where children typically go just for weekdays for one or more weeks or months. The other type is a sleep away camp, typically in a forest, which involves working at a camp where children stay for an extended period of time, anywhere from a few days to the entire summer.

Being a bartender at an outdoor restaurant, bar, hotel or resort is what some may consider one of the best outdoor summer jobs. The position involves working anywhere from the edge of a pool to a deck over the ocean. These positions often involve serving people who are on vacation, which can be quite lucrative in tips if you are good at your job.

When applying for outdoor summer jobs, keep in mind that due to the number of people who venture outside in the summer, it is likely to be a position that requires excellent people skills and attention to detail. Make sure to research each opportunity carefully to ensure it is something you will want to do the entire summer. Consider reviewing the ability for advancement in case the job is ideal and continuing in the future is an option.

Some people pick fruit through the summer to make money.
Some people pick fruit through the summer to make money.

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Pretty much every little town and big city have water parks for summer fun. A great outdoor summer job opportunity for teens or college students could be a lifeguard at a water park.

Water parks also need concession stand sellers and restaurants need servers and cooks. Within one water park, many different jobs exist.

One of the newest water sports in the U.S. is paddle boarding and there's another opportunity right there if you already know how: paddle board instructor or paddle board sales & rentals.


These are all good ideas for a summer job, but if you live very far south, being outside in the summer can be quite brutal.

If you are looking for summer jobs for teachers, tutoring is a great way to go. Whether you tutor in person, with a local tutoring company like Sylvan or online (try Tutor.com), there are plenty of students trying to get caught up over summer breaks.

Teachers, don't forget to blend your hobby with your expertise in teaching. For example, if you love scrap booking, offer a class at your local community center or in your home to teach others how to make beautifully crafted photo scrapbooks.

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