How Do I Choose the Best Survival Courses?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley
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Survival courses offer training that is designed to ensure that an individual knows how to react in a variety of emergency situations, especially ones that occur in the wilderness. These courses might be included as part of a camp curriculum, at a specialized school or through a youth program. When choosing survival courses, factors to consider might be cost, location, company information, curriculum and any supplies needed.

Costs vary from course to course, so you should look into the prices of various survival courses. This will allow you to learn the range of prices for classes and decide what amount you are willing to pay. Factor location into your decision as well. An added cost might be travel, if the classes are not local.

Company information might also be considered when choosing the best survival courses. You might find out how long the company or instructor has been in business, what insurance the company carries and what safety precautions the school has in place. This information might help you decide which company or instructor has offerings in line with what you would like to learn. You might choose to ask for information about previous students so that you can find references for the courses.

Curriculum is another important part of choosing the correct survival courses. Some companies and instructors offer a portion of the course in the classroom, and the other portion is hands-on learning. You might prefer a hands-on only course or a course that starts with just classroom instruction. In addition, some courses might cover a broad range of survival skills, and others might focus on a specific aspect of survival skills. Find out which courses are appropriate for which ages and whether there are any restrictions on who can participate.

Some places that offer survival courses provide students with all of the supplies they might need, but others do not. When choosing a course, check to see whether the school provides supplies. If not, ask for a supply list so that you can review it, ask any questions and then determine how much the supplies will cost. This adds to the total cost of the class, so it is something to consider before enrolling. You might also ask whether any discounts are offered as a result of a partnership between the person or place offering the survival course and a local vendor.

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    • Woman posing
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