What Are the Different Types of Part-Time Jobs for Kids?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim
Kids are often hired in the summer to mow lawns.
Kids are often hired in the summer to mow lawns.

Different types of part-time jobs for kids are determined by the age of the children under consideration as well as the country in which they live. The country is important due to the fact that while some countries may have lax laws regarding working children, others usually have very strict laws that regulate how, when and under what conditions children may work. Usual part-time jobs for kids include tasks like babysitting and retail stores. Another factor concerning part-time jobs for kids is the exact time range that a child will be free to work. For instance, most kids go to school during the day, meaning that they may only be able to work on weekends or when they have school breaks. With that in mind, children may also work by mowing lawns for people and by walking dogs.

An inclusion in the list of part-time jobs for kids is babysitting, which is a job usually geared toward older children who are deemed to be more responsible. These older children usually watch younger ones, whose parents may have other activities to attend that keep from being at home with their children. In such cases, the babysitters usually start out by watching the children of close relatives and family friends for free and proceed to charge fees as their level of responsibility increases and people start to trust them more with their children. Some children might attend classes where they may learn first aid techniques and other vital experience like how to handle cranky babies.

Another category of part-time jobs for kids is mowing lawns and other minor jobs that might include running errands for elderly people in exchange for pay. Usually, the children who do these jobs have a system for charging their customers, such as by the size of the lawn or the number of hours that they work. Some older children who are good with animals might also walk dogs in exchange for pay, something that may be determined by the size and the number of dogs as well as the breed and the distance the dogs have to be walked. One of the more popular categories of part-time jobs for older kids, particularly teenagers, is working in retail in some capacity or working in restaurants. The restaurant jobs may be in fast food, where teenagers may be employed in different capacities.

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    • Kids are often hired in the summer to mow lawns.
      Kids are often hired in the summer to mow lawns.