What are the Different Types of Organic Body Scrub?

Jessica Reed

Organic body scrubs use natural materials to clean, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin. Unlike other body scrub, organic scrubs contain no harsh chemical ingredients. There are several types of organic body scrub, including different sugars and salts, along with different types of herbal body polish. Knowing the different types of organic body scrub is important for picking the right type.

An organic body scrub.
An organic body scrub.

Many organic body scrubs are available at supermarkets and stores that supply lotions and other body products. These types of organic body scrub are sold for customers to use at home. Spas also offer different types of organic body scrub in full-body scrub massages. Though it costs more to visit a spa, the trained staff will work the body scrub into the patient's skin, and often knows the best tricks for moisturizing and improving different skin types.

Organic body scrub.
Organic body scrub.

Chocolate body scrub is one of the more popular body scrubs because of its rich aroma. It combines cocoa butter and tannins in a mixture claimed to smooth skin and fight aging effects on the body. The smell is said to help improve the user's mood and relieve stress. The body scrub is also said to improve circulation.

A sugar or salt body scrub is another type of organic body scrub. These use the hard salt and sugar crystals to scrape dead cells from the skin. Dead sea salt is a common ingredient in these scrubs. These products are available for only a few dollars at supermarkets, and customers should avoid the over-priced products sold at mall stands which contain the same basic ingredients.

Herbal body scrub, more commonly referred to as herbal body polish, is another type of organic body scrub. This scrub uses sweet smelling ingredients like orange and lavender. It is available both in jars at the store and as a body polish spa treatment.

All body scrubs work in the same general way; a rough texture within the scrub is used to scrape dead cells from the skin. Once the dead skin is removed, the new, smoother skin appears underneath. Applying lotion after exfoliating is advised to promote smoother skin.

When using an organic body scrub at home, one should start by taking a shower to soften the skin. It is a good idea to exfoliate in the shower for easier rinsing. The user should dip a small portion of the body scrub out of the jar and rub it onto rough spots. The best places to use the scrub are the knees, elbows, hands, and the heels of the feet. She should then rinse off and apply lotion to promote smooth, moisturized skin after exiting the shower.

Lavender is a popular addition to scrubs.
Lavender is a popular addition to scrubs.

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It's not true that scrubs bought in the supermarket are the same as more expensive scrubs, especially if you are wanting an organic product. Organic products are always more expensive, and I haven't found an organic scrub in the store.

Remember the USDA classifies organic in several categories, so something can be organic and still have a percentage of chemicals in it. It depends whether the product is "100 percent organic" (no chemicals), "organic" (5 percent can be non-organic ingredients, or "made with organic ingredients (30 percent non-organic ingredients).

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