What Are the Different Types of Medical Director Jobs?

Geri Terzo

Individuals fulfilling medical director jobs can establish the pace and performance expectations throughout a hospital. These individuals are industry professionals who practice medicine and oversee the other medical personnel at a facility. Jobs can often be found on a managerial level, or a medical director may choose to continue to practice medicine without taking on the responsibility of the way that a hospital is run even if some management is required. In either case, medical director jobs are appropriate for doctors of internal medicine with certain skills tied to supervising other medical staff. Certain job functions might include overseeing interns in addition to any research programs that a hospital might perform.

Some medical directors continue to practice medicine while fulfilling their management duties.
Some medical directors continue to practice medicine while fulfilling their management duties.

Medical professionals may pursue a career as a hospitalist medical director. These individuals are qualified internal medicine doctors and have similar credentials to other physicians of internal medicine. The primary differentiating factor is that hospitalists instead choose to focus practicing medicine in limited settings and also may specialize in a particular type of care. For instance, medical director jobs for hospitalists may be found in hospital settings, such as an emergency room, in addition to short-term care or intensive care units. Hospitalist medical director jobs can also be located at centers for rehabilitation.

Educational requirements for hospitalist medical director jobs are similar to that of traditional board-certified doctors and include the completion of medical school and residency programs. Hospitalists similarly become board certified. Individuals fulfilling these positions might specialize in a specific practice such as kidney or lung disease treatment. Unlike more traditional doctors who might only visit a hospital periodically, a hospitalist medical director is most frequently working at hospitals performing patient visits and coordinating patient care among primary care physicians and the nursing staff.

The most senior medical director jobs might involve overseeing most all aspects of a medical facility or hospital. For instance, this professional not only monitors the policies and procedures used by the entire medical staff at the organization but also helps to establish those standards and practices throughout the facility. Implementing hospital policies typically requires the participation of other medical staff, including surgeons and other doctors, and a high degree of communication is necessary. Responsibilities of the medical director may extend to determining new hires on the medical staff or enforcing necessary budget cuts. It is likely that a medical director in a senior role is among the highest executives reporting to the chief executive officer at the hospital.

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