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What are the Different Types of Medical Coding Software?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

There are three different types of medical coding software, one for each kind of the three kinds of medical codes. Medical coding is the act of translating medical procedures and diagnoses into universal code. This code is used by insurance companies in the United States. It is also used by consulting firms and government agencies for various medical billing purposes.

Medical information professionals in this field are often able to use online coding software, which allows them to work from different geographical locations as opposed to in a designated office space. In many cases, a medical coding certificate may be required prior to employment.

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The medical coding software for Current Procedural Terminology™ (CPT) is used in diagnostic, medical, and surgical contexts. This kind of medical coding is divided into three different categories. The first category includes code used to describe vaccines. The second and third categories are codes to describe performance measurements and emergency technology respectively.

International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems™ (ICD) is a medical coding system used to describe diseases. This coding can also describe a number of different symptoms related to the diseases, as well as complaints and trends. This coding is also used to designate the social contexts in which diseases occur.

The medical coding software for the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System™ (HCPCS) allows users to describe various services administered and items delivered within a medical procedure. There are two levels of code in HCPCS™. The first level of code includes the CPT™ coding system. The second level describes medical services that are normally not provided by a physician. These services might include ambulance and prosthetic medical supplies.

Each of these medical codes used in the medical coding software were developed and are updated annually by the American Medical Association™ (AMA). In cases where medical coding certification is necessary, the AMA™ designs the coursework, writes the test, and provides the certification. The AMA also uses a code for medical drugs known as the National Drug Code™ (NDC). This code is only used to describe drugs that are prescribed and sold in the United States.

A number of different medical coding software systems exist on the market today. Many medical coders are able to work from home and order their own coding software. Some systems will require CD installation and annual updates as medical codes change. Other systems are connected to a larger database and therefore are automatically updated whenever codes change.

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