How do I Start a Medical Coding Business?

N. Madison
N. Madison

When you want to start a medical coding business, you may first seek training in medical billing. Next, you may seek certification in medical billing to improve your chances of securing clients once you start a business. You may also secure business licensing if it is required for starting a business in your jurisdiction and prepare an office for your work. Once your business is set up, you can then concentrate on finding clients.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

In order to start a medical coding business, you will typically need to gain in-depth knowledge of medical billing. To accomplish this, you may enroll in a program via a community college or vocational school. You may also find some training programs that allow you to learn online or via materials sent by mail. Though you may discover many options for getting the training you need, you may do well to compare programs and choose the one that has the best reputation. Alternatively, you may gain knowledge of medical billing by working in a hospital or medical office that is willing to offer training.

Once you have acquired medical billing training, you may do well to seek out a professional organization that certifies medical billers. While you may start a medical coding business without certification, earning certification may lend your business legitimacy in the eyes of potential clients. The requirements for certification may vary from organization to organization but may include a standardized exam.

Most jurisdictions will require you to obtain a business license in order to start a medical billing business. To obtain one, you will usually have to complete an application and pay a fee. It is important to note than many jurisdictions require business licensing even if you will operate a home-based business.

You will usually need an office, or at least a quiet area of your home, in which to operate when you want to start a medical coding business. You will likely have to equip your office with a computer, desk, phone, and filing system. You may also benefit from buying a fax machine. Additionally, you will need medical billing software to start a medical coding business.

After obtaining education in medical billing, seeking certification and licensing, and setting up a home office, your next step will likely be finding clients. You may advertise online and through the mail to find medical coding clients. You may also place ads in publications that doctors, medical office managers, and other medical professionals read. Additionally, you may attend networking events to find clients and even visit medical offices to introduce yourself to those who may be interested in hiring you.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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