What Are the Different Types of International Trade Services?

Peter Hann

Businesses engaging in international trade can benefit from a range of services, including those that offer advice on export planning so the business can exploit its expertise and unique selling points in overseas markets. Advice also may be available on product standards and regulations in the overseas markets and on any required export licenses. Product pricing, methods of payment and the terms of freight contracts must be considered, and expert services are available to help with this. International trade services providers may find freight forwarders for a business and help with the terms and wording of international contracts. Assistance with participating in trade exhibitions, planning trade delegations and finding partners or agents in foreign markets also are among the available international trade services.

Freight forwarders help companies with international shipment of products.
Freight forwarders help companies with international shipment of products.

Enterprises intending to penetrate a new foreign market are likely to need the services of a market research company, which may produce an analysis of the foreign market, the competitors participating in that market, the best ways of penetrating the market and the correct marketing strategy. The market research company may perform social research to identify trends in public tastes in the overseas market and provide an analysis of business opportunities. An enterprise may benefit from research about the impact of its brand in the international market, its strengths and weaknesses, and the influence of competing brands.

International trade services including helping clients find freight forwarders to enable global trade.
International trade services including helping clients find freight forwarders to enable global trade.

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Some organizations offer services in connection with trade promotions and exhibitions that may be used by enterprises looking to demonstrate their products and services in a foreign country. Intermediaries may help with booking spaces and setting up the exhibition, as well as with advertising the business in the other country. Other organizations specialize in organizing group tours of business executives who want to investigate conditions in their industry overseas, and the intermediary organization may arrange for them to meet representatives from industry and government. These organizations also may provide translation services and interpreters.

Other international trade services involve looking for potential local partners in a foreign country. A company may be looking for a partner in the other country because this is a requirement of local regulations or because the company needs to work with an enterprise that has local knowledge or a local distribution network. The company may need help in finding a suitable local business to participate in a contractual or equity joint venture or partnership. Other types of intermediary may offer international trade services that bring together buyers and sellers in a particular international market, or find agents to act for an enterprise in the foreign country.

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