What Is an International Trade Show?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette
Man holding a globe
Man holding a globe

A trade show is an organized event where companies come together to display and exhibit its products or services. They are typically organized for a specific industry. An international trade show brings together companies from around the world that operate in the particular industry. For example, an international marketing trade show would bring together marketing professionals from around the globe.

Typically, an international trade show has a couple of different components. One of the primary components is the trade show floor or exhibit floor, where the companies and vendors set up tables and displays. These displays allow the companies to promote their products and services to their fellow exhibitors, as well as the international trade show attendees.

The second component of an international trade show tends to be educational classes or breakout sessions. Experts in the industry may come to the trade show to speak to the attendees in a formal speaker-audience setting. Other international trade shows opt for small breakout sessions in place of or in addition to the main speaking sessions. The breakout sessions allow attendees to focus discussions on specific topics that have to do with the industry.

For example, an international marketing trade show may have several different breakout sessions. One breakout session may focus on social commerce. Another breakout session may teach attendees about social media marketing management. An additional session may focus on old tried and true marketing strategies that still work, such as direct mail.

Generally, an international trade show also has a networking or social component. These may include cocktail hours, where attendees and vendors alike can mix, mingle, network and possibly sell each other products and services. Award ceremonies and more formal sit down dinners are also social events that tend to take place at an international trade show.

The primary difference between an international and domestic trade show is where the exhibitors and attendees originate from. Regional trade shows may focus on topics that specifically pertain to the industry in that region. International shows, on the other hand, have a much broader reach, making the trade show more diverse.

It is also a platform for introducing different ways that companies in different countries do things, which is an opportunity for one country or area of the world to learn from another country. It breaks down the geographic boundaries and allows companies to focus on the industry in which they participate.

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    • Man holding a globe
      Man holding a globe