What Are the Different Types of Information Scientist Jobs?

Synthia L. Rose

Different types of information scientist jobs include information technology specialists, web developers, database developers and data analysts. Network administrators, social media managers, multimedia managers and health care information workers are other jobs available in information science. Once anchored exclusively on the library sciences, the information science field has evolved to target technology. Modern information scientists are strategists who use software, databases, servers and websites to catalog and exchange information globally.

Health information scientists are responsible for keeping track of patients' health records.
Health information scientists are responsible for keeping track of patients' health records.

Professionals with degrees or certification in managing health information and medical records can acquire information scientist jobs at hospitals, insurance companies and clinics. Health information scientists, also called health information technicians, track patients’ health history, prescriptions and medical test results, using physical charts or computer software. These professionals also track payment history and are proficient in reading and using both health codes and billing codes.

Information scientists use components including servers to catalog and exchange information globally.
Information scientists use components including servers to catalog and exchange information globally.

Information technology (IT) specialists are information scientists who build infrastructure for businesses, governments and the lay sector for the purpose of exchanging information. Some IT specialists often work onsite to provide ongoing support to corporate clients when technology systems fail or need updates and repairs. Generally, they work in teams with other information scientists, particularly web developers, to ensure data is being delivered in a way that is engaging, persuasive and easily accessible to end-users.

Web developers use algorithms, scripts and computer programming languages to cultivate websites or online tools, such as search engines, peer-to-peer networks or applications, commonly called apps. Often they create their own framework from scratch or customize a prefabricated template. As part of their job duties, these professionals might also manage hosting servers or clouds, monitor web traffic, design web pages and ensure proper data storage, backup and retrieval. Those aspiring to land information scientist jobs in the field of web development can earn degrees at the associate, bachelor or master degree level through trade schools or universities. Many web developers are self-taught.

Database developers and data analysts hold information scientist jobs that require the understanding of how table, relational or key/value databases work and are created; these three types of databases are the most common anchor for saving digital data. The job duties of database workers involve improving the speed and efficiency of information retrieval as well as repairing errors and accessing data sets. These information scientists are skilled in the use of query languages, which are used to request specific information from a database that holds billions of pieces of data. Data developers design and build storage models and systems of management, while analysts study those systems to provide maintenance and improvements.

Network administrators supervise the entire collection of communication software and hardware used by a company, no matter how vast. An administrator’s job is to ensure that every device, whether a small smart phone or a large server, fits seamlessly into the network without causing errors or reduced speed. Social media and multimedia media managers work under the leadership of administrators and alongside peers in other information scientist jobs to provide end users with real-time updates, videos, images and graphics.

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