What Are the Different Types of Home Office Corner Desks?

Dan Cavallari

Working from home often requires various pieces of home office furniture; home office corner desks are convenient because they offer plenty of writing space, computer space, and storage space. Various types of home office corner desks exist, ranging significantly in materials, size, features, and even customizability. Some desks are modular, meaning the various components of the desk can be moved from one location to another to create an entirely new configuration. Others are fixed in place once they are built, meaning no customization is possible.

A home office corner desk should have enough tabletop space to accommodate office supplies.
A home office corner desk should have enough tabletop space to accommodate office supplies.

Some of the most convenient accessories many home office corner desks will feature include slide-out keyboard trays, modular shelves, a raised monitor shelf for a computer monitor, drawers for pens and paper, and even file cabinets. Simpler models may feature none of these extras, avoiding the added features in favor of simplistic design and lower cost. The size and materials can also affect the overall price of the unit; particle board tends to be the least expensive option, but also the least durable and, in some cases, the least attractive. Other home office corner desks can be made from hardwoods, metal, or even glass. Hardwoods will generally be the most expensive material, though various hardwoods tend to be exceptionally beautiful and durable.

Some home office corner desks are designed with space savings in mind, so the desk will feature more vertical space than horizontal space. This means the desk is likely to feature several shelves on which peripheral computer components, books, or other office supplies. Other home office corner desks allow a user to spread out; the tabletop will feature an L-shape that allows for plenty of usable workspace or storage. The design that will work best for a particular home office will depend on the user's needs as well as the size of the room in which the desk will be placed permanently.

File cabinets are convenient additions to any home office corner desks. They are usually situated in drawers on either of the wings of the L-shaped desk, and a desk may feature one or more drawers in which files can be stored. Some desks feature rails that allow a user to use hanging files; such files feature arms on either end that will keep the files upright while stored within the drawer. This makes sorting through files much easier, and it prevents documents from spilling out of the files while stored.

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