What is an L-Shaped Desk?

B. Miller

An L-shaped desk is exactly what it sounds like. It is a work desk that is designed in the shape of an L, which gives the option of two workstations total, one on either side of the chair. These desks often fit well into corners, and are frequently used in offices or cubicles where space is at a premium. In many cases, a computer is placed on one side of the desk, and the other side of the L is left open for other types of work, such as paperwork. An L-shaped desk may be made of many different materials; wood is classic, but metal desks give a more modern appearance and are less expensive, making them frequent purchases in offices.

L-shaped desks fit into corners and are often used in cubicles to conserve space.
L-shaped desks fit into corners and are often used in cubicles to conserve space.

The fact that an L-shaped desk fits so well into corners, allowing the rest of the room to be left open for additional desks or office furniture, make them popular for homes as well. Some desks are only large enough to fit one person, but it is possible to purchase an L-shaped desk that is large enough to accommodate two people, with one person sitting at each individual workstation. For smaller apartments, this can be an excellent way to save space. There are a few different ways to use this style of desk for working.

The most popular method is to place a computer on one side of the desk, and leave the other side open for working or paying bills, for example. Some people, however, will place computer monitors on each side; this allows the computer viewing area to be greatly expanded. This is beneficial for people who work on large projects and often have multiple screens open at once. Another option is to place a separate computer on each side of the desk, for people who share it and may each own their own computer, for example.

Many styles of L-shaped desks will often also feature drawers for storage, and sometimes a hutch top for additional storage or decorations. These desks are commonly made of wood, such as oak or cherry, and are often quite expensive. Metal desks are more modern and less expensive, and often feature wire baskets in lieu of drawers. Glass topped desks are also popular for homes, but are rarely used in offices. The type and size of the L-shaped desk that is chosen for the home is a matter of personal preference, as they are available in many different designs and sizes to suit different needs.

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