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What are the Different Types of Glass Shower Screens?

C.B. Fox
C.B. Fox

Glass shower screens keep water and steam enclosed in the shower or tub area while adding aesthetic appeal to a bathroom. There are a number of different types of glass shower screens available, including fixed panels, sliding doors and hinged doors. The panels of glass can be framed in metal or left frameless. While most glass shower screens completely enclose the shower or bathtub area, some of them only partially enclose the space.

A fixed pane of glass is one of the types of glass shower screens available. This type of screen covers just a portion of the shower or tub area and does not include any doors or other movable parts. They are inexpensive and easy to install and can be fitted onto a shower or tub in a weekend. These fixed pieces can come with or without a frame.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Fixed panes that enclose the shower or tub space are also available. These glass shower screens include a hinged door that allows access into the shower area. A common choice for people opting for frameless glass screens, the stationary glass pieces hold up well without the need for a metal frame. Usually made from clear glass, these screens make the bathroom feel bigger by not blocking off the space that is normally obscured because it is inside the shower. Frameless glass screens are attached to each other with metal fixtures.

Another option is a piece of framed or unframed glass that slides along a track. These glass shower screens allow easy access to the tub or shower area. The glass panels may slide laterally along the length of the shower or tub, or they may fold inward in the form of a bi-fold door. Bi-fold doors are common in bathrooms where space is limited because they do not block off any portion of the bathroom while they are open.

Any type of glass shower screen can be customized to match a person’s bathroom. Metal frames and fixtures can be made from a number of different rust-resistant metals or coated in any color of waterproof plastic. The glass used in the screens is most often clear, but can be tinted with various colors, etched or textured.

Many people choose to install their own glass shower screens. Most of them are relatively easy to install, and the project can be completed in a weekend. In general, framed panels are easier to install than unframed ones, which may require the assistance of a contractor.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower