What are the Different Types of Bath Shower Screens?

Christian Petersen

Bath shower screens take two main forms, curtains and doors. A third type is the integral enclosure. They serve to contain the water spray when the shower is in use and to provide privacy for the person showering. Many different materials are used to make both types of bath shower screens, which come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The cheapest and easiest bath shower screens to install are shower curtains. They hang from a rod which may be fastened to the wall by screws or held in place by tension from an internal spring. A series of rings, usually decorative, suspend the curtain from the rod and allow the curtain to be moved freely along the rod in either direction. Shower curtains can be made from many materials including nylon, PVC or other plastics, latex, synthetic rubber or fabric.

Shower curtains are either single or double. Single curtains are usually both decorative and functional and serve to screen the shower visually and prevent water from escaping. Double shower curtains usually consist of a fabric outer curtain paired with an inner curtain or liner. The fabric curtain is often decorative and the inner liner serves as a watertight barrier for the shower. The outer curtain may be made of cotton, nylon or any other common fabric.

Doors serving as bath shower screens can installed on a tub or shower enclosure and come in two main types. Sliding doors are mounted on a track which lets them slide to one side permitting entrance. The other type consist of doors that swing on hinges. Both types of door are commonly made of glass or plastic and are usually frosted for privacy, although they may be clear. They may have a metal frame, although some types have bare glass edges which are beveled or smoothed for safety and an attractive look.

Integral shower enclosures are a third type of bath shower screen. They are similar to shower doors, but are built in during construction of the shower area rather than installed later. They are usually glass, but can be made of metal or treated wood like cedar or redwood. Glass doors of this type are also usually heavily frosted for privacy but may be clear as well. Doors of this type as well as installed shower doors may have designs etched into the glass or stenciled into the frost.

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I have a curtain on my shower right now and I'm thinking to get a glass door. I think it would be nice to have something different on my shower instead of a curtain. It would be nice to have something that prevents water from running out of my shower and I think a door would help this a lot.

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