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What Are the Different Types of English Degree Requirements?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

English degree requirements often depend on whether someone is completing an undergraduate or graduate program, as well as the nature of the degree itself. Undergraduate requirements, for example, usually consist of some general studies courses, which can include subjects like mathematics and science, and courses in English and language studies. On the other hand, graduate programs typically allow students to focus more on English and the study of literature, creative writing, or research on language arts. English degree requirements can also vary quite a bit depending on if a person wishes to receive a degree in writing or in English literature.

There are a few different types of English degree requirements that someone should consider, though they often depend upon the level of education he or she is in. Someone working on an undergraduate degree, for example, usually has to complete courses in general studies. These are intended to give a student a “well-rounded” education in which he or she is exposed to numerous ideas and comes to have a broad base of knowledge. This curriculum can include introductory writing and communications classes, as well as courses in subjects such as mathematics, science, and history.

English language reference books.
English language reference books.

Undergraduate studies also have English degree requirements with a greater focus on the English language. This usually includes more advanced courses in literary studies, as well as writing classes. Many schools also have separate degree-tracks a student can pursue, depending on his or her interests in subjects such as creative writing, poetry, or classic literature and research.

Graduate English programs focus more intensely on the study of literature.
Graduate English programs focus more intensely on the study of literature.

There are also different English degree requirements for students in a graduate program. Schools usually require that students focus more on studying English and language, rather than courses in general studies. These programs may also require a great deal of research and the completion of a long, written work such as a thesis or novel.

Different types of English degree requirements can also be based on the aspect of English that a student wants to focus upon. A student interested in creative writing, for example, may have to complete courses that focus on writing. This is typically based on the fact that such a program culminates in a master's degree in writing, which is usually a terminal degree.

Students who are interested in literature and research, however, tend to have different English degree requirements. They typically focus on critical reading of various works, which can include classic texts and more modern pieces. This usually culminates in a Master of Arts (MA) degree in English or literature. After completing this program, students can then work on a doctoral degree in literature, which is not usually offered for writing.

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    • English language reference books.
      By: Sebastian Crocker
      English language reference books.
    • Graduate English programs focus more intensely on the study of literature.
      By: Andrzej Solnica
      Graduate English programs focus more intensely on the study of literature.