What Are the Different Types of Administration Manager Jobs?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith
Administrative managers oversee daily operations of companies.
Administrative managers oversee daily operations of companies.

Some of the different types of administration manager jobs can include working for an account or wealth management firm, working for a healthcare company, and working in a versatile office setting. An administration manager, also sometimes known as an office manager, typically facilitates the supportive needs of an organization or company. This can include keeping an office stocked with necessary supplies, managing inbound telephone calls, organizing and filing paperwork, and making appointments for company personnel. The manager may also be required to hire a support staff and oversee their daily activities and job growth. Often, the type of industry in which the manager is employed tends to dictate many of the specific, individual responsibilities of the position.

Accounting and wealth management firms generally represent a large number of available administration manager jobs. Managers track paperwork for existing clients, and may be responsible for filing relevant tax and investment information with local and national government agencies and stock markets. They enter new client data into the company's operating software, and contact clients with information regarding upcoming appointments, additional business filing requirements, and their current financial status. Though an undergraduate degree in account or business finance can be beneficial when pursuing this type of position, it is typically not required.

Administration manager jobs may also be found within the healthcare industry. Hospitals and private practice doctors' offices generally require the services of this type of position to manage the extensive amounts of patient and doctor information used throughout a regular business day. Office managers may be asked to file and track paperwork on existing and new patients. They may also frequently communicate with other doctors' offices and hospitals to obtain the transfer of confidential patient records, and receive information on patient referrals. Doctors often provide the manager with their changing office hour schedules so that the manager can notify nurses and patients of a change in upcoming appointments, or open availability.

Other large organizations which employ administration manager jobs may include property management firms, political campaigns, and sales companies. Property management firms typically purchase real estate for residential and commercial development, and lease land or already developed buildings to home renters and companies for office use. This often requires keeping an extensive amount of lease related paperwork, building and zoning blueprints, and corporate rental contact information on hand in an office setting. An administration manager may work alone in this type of environment, or oversee a staff of administrative assistants skilled in understanding the inner workings of property management and rental agreements.

Political candidates may utilize an administrative manager to participate in ongoing and future election campaigns. The manager can oversee volunteers and their work, track ongoing donation amounts, and schedule appearances, among other activities. Sales companies may use the services of this type of position to keep track of client contact information, current product pricing, and similar offerings from competitors. Regardless of the type of organization or corporate business to which this job reports, many of the foundational skills required in administration manager jobs, such as familiarity with current computer processes, strong organizational skills, and being comfortable dealing with a wide range of people and customers on a daily basis, remain the same between industries.

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    • Administrative managers oversee daily operations of companies.
      By: onurakgul
      Administrative managers oversee daily operations of companies.