What are the Different Training Coordinator Jobs?

Mandi R. Hall

Training coordinators are in charge of preparing employees for work within a specific business. Various training coordinator jobs involve the development of new associate training programs. Once the programs are ready, the coordinator implements them for either current or new employees. A training coordinator might also be known as a human resources (HR) coordinator or simply a trainer. Basic job elements are the same across the board, though training coordinators work in a variety of industries and can be full-time employees or contracted consultants.

Training coordinators often develop and implement a training program.
Training coordinators often develop and implement a training program.

Training coordinator jobs are very hands-on. The coordinator must have extraordinary organization and communication skills. Training coordinators are often employed by large corporations. School districts, mobile ambassador companies, and online organizations also employee these types of HR coordinators.

Various coordinator jobs are available at large corporations and small businesses. A primary responsibility of a training coordinator is to guide and oversee a new employee from his initial hire to his first day on the job. The coordinator may deal with new employees on a case-by-case basis or in waves of training camps.

The trainer likely oversees the initial paperwork process, ensuring that each new employee fills out his government and company documents fully and correctly. From there, the training coordinator familiarizes the new associate with the business. Tours of the facility are generally given, as is an overview of company policies and practices.

Those employed in training coordinator jobs must know the responsibilities of each position within the company. The coordinator not only informs each recruit of company-wide regulations, but also the specific requirements of his new position. Employee orientations are generally organized and facilitated by these human resources coordinators.

When a company is shuffling employees around or on the brink of a mass hire, it might contract with a training coordinator. Outsourcing this type of position allows the business to operate as usual. The outsourced specialist or teams of specialists typically come in to assess what type of training might be needed.

When the company and the training coordinators agree on a plan, training coordinators generally develop and implement a training program. These programs typically involve scheduled orientations and meetings, as well as in-depth classroom and hands-on training. Those who hold training coordinator jobs would likely develop or update documents and manuals pertinent to each of the company’s positions.

In-house training coordinator jobs might exist within a team or as a singular position. The trainer is likely part of the human resources department, though he may be part of the communications department. While preparing employees for their new jobs, the trainer also provides feedback to upper management.

Training coordinators might also perform employee reviews. If she finds that an employee is lacking the necessary skills to perform his job efficiently, she will likely implement additional training for him. She may instruct the training classes, or coordinate the classes for various departments to teach.

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