What are the Different Production Manager Jobs?

Jeany Miller
Jeany Miller
Manufacturing employs production managers to control the production schedule and coach supervisors.
Manufacturing employs production managers to control the production schedule and coach supervisors.

Production manager jobs may be available in many different industries with a diverse collection of responsibilities. Manufacturing often employs these positions to control the production schedule and coach supervisors, while those of food service may prepare meals and plan menus. Marketing is a considerable field that often employs production managers in many different roles. Those filling these positions may, for example, direct outreach campaigns, juggle multiple projects through advertising agencies or edit corporate video content for uploading to the Internet. TV production managers are likely to coordinate both logistics and people to accommodate filming schedules.

Manufacturing facilities may require managers who oversee all product-related activities, particularly assembly, customer orders and delivery logistics. Specific duties may include planning and executing the production schedule. These positions may also track production scrap dollars and labor hours, investigate areas of concern in manufacturing and monitor job performances of supervisors.

As a result of their direct connection to the finished goods, production manager jobs must often utilize company resources with minimal down time and few product defects. The managers may thus collaborate with other departments to develop cost standards and quality control processes. Production managers are also likely to schedule educational programs for supervisors and employees, coach supervisors in quality control techniques and implement procedures for completing work.

In addition to manufacturing facilities, food service providers may also have controlled processes that require supervision. A college campus, for example, may require meal service to students in dormitories or study centers. The production managers job in this instance may entail purchasing, receiving and managing food supplies. Additional functions may include supervising employees, preparing meals and planning menus. This position may also maintain food production records and negotiate costs with vendors.

Marketing materials often contain important messages to customers and are used in a variety of industries. A marketing product manager job is thus likely to direct multiple campaigns from initiation to completion. In some instances, these campaigns are outreach programs to customers, while others are intended to differentiate a company from competitors. The marketing production manager often oversees those campaigns and coordinates such materials as newsletters, brochures and industry reports. An employee in this position is further likely to arrange tradeshow exhibits, recommend improvements with marketing initiatives and oversee design staff members.

Some companies contract with external advertising agencies to increase their marketing efforts. These companies are likely to work with one individual who provides detailed cost estimates for all creative and special projects. In such an environment, the production manager job description may include the following responsibilities: negotiate project price and delivery dates with clients, determine the necessary mechanical specifications and information to complete jobs and approve proofs before presentation to clients.

Production manager jobs may also be available in multimedia environments. These positions often provide production support that focuses on internal and external corporate videos, audio recordings, podcasts and photography. Once the presentations are developed, the manager is likely to produce and edit content. These presentations are, in turn, often uploaded to corporate Internet websites, blogs and social media sites to attract clients. In this regard, the media production manager may work for an internal marketing department or external marketing consulting firm.

Television is another area in which content must be coordinated and managed. Unlike multi-media, tv production manager jobs often perform duties not linked to filming and editing. These positions usually ensure that television shows run on-schedule and have the necessary components for shooting. Presenters, guests and audience members often need to be directed to the right place, and the production time frame must be logically sequenced. Production managers are thus likely to contact agents and representatives for star guest appearances, coordinate camera crew members and acquire production set materials.

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    • Manufacturing employs production managers to control the production schedule and coach supervisors.
      By: lnzyx
      Manufacturing employs production managers to control the production schedule and coach supervisors.