What Are the Different Primary Health Care Jobs?

Patti Kate

Primary health care jobs not only include positions for nurses and physicians, but also involve receptionist work. A receptionist in a primary health care office will typically answer telephone calls and schedule appointments. Opportunities in primary health care may also be found at community health care centers. These facilities often employ human relations representatives and data analysis specialists. Many laboratory technicians find primary health care jobs at clinics and hospitals.

A medical assistant taking a patient's history.
A medical assistant taking a patient's history.

The most common primary health care jobs are those that involve private practice. Primary health care physicians are often referred to as family doctors, as they treat all ages and provide general health care for the entire family. A primary health care physician may practice independently or he may work with a partner. A private practice physician will typically have his own office, and will not be employed by a medical center or hospital.

It's common for primary health care jobs to include medical assistant work. The medical assistant generally supports a physician or nurse, by taking a patient's vital signs, or compiling a patient's medical history. In addition, medical assistants often have the responsibility of keeping examining rooms organized and stocked with necessary supplies and instruments. Some medical assistants actually assist physicians in minor medical procedures, such as applying and removing sutures.

People who have experience as medical directors often seek primary health care jobs. In addition, many primary health care organizations need employees to do managerial work. A medical chief of staff or medical director generally oversees procedures and ensures regulations are being followed by physicians and staff. He may also recruit new physicians and staff for employment at his facility.

Administrative work is common in the field of primary health care as well. A primary care medical administrator may work in conjunction with a chief of staff or a medical director. This work typically involves implementing strategies to meet financial goals and maintaining a budget. When employed by a large facility, a primary health care administrator may work side by side with a financial analyst.

Physical therapists are commonly involved in primary health care jobs. A respiratory therapist may rehabilitate patients with medical conditions such as asthma or emphysema. He may perform instruction for breathing exercises designed to strengthen the lungs and open the airways. He may be employed by a medical facility or have a private practice. Most all physical therapist primary health care jobs will require a master's degree and license.

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