What are the Different Practice Manager Jobs?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
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Practice managers are hired to oversee the administrative duties in an clinical or office setting. Some practice manager jobs are in a physician's office, health department, or urgent care clinic. Other types of doctors, such as dentists and optometrists, also hire these workers. In some cases, they could be employed by veterinarians in an animal health clinic or companion animal hospital. Lawyers also use practice managers to oversee the day to day operations of their law firms.

Medical offices are one of the most common settings to find practice manager jobs. These workers are usually employed at a doctor's office, where they handle administrative functions for a number of physicians. They might also work under the direction of a nurse practitioner in a government operated health department in many jurisdictions. Urgent care clinics, facilities that handle conditions that are serious but not life-threatening, may also need these employees.

Practice managers are not only hired by medical doctors, but can also be employed by optometrists and dentists. These specialty clinics may hire office managers to oversee their staff, schedule appointments, and file insurance claims. In some cases, people with experience or education in the area of practice are preferred over candidates with no related background.

Veterinarians may also need to fill practice manager jobs. When employed in this capacity, an individual might assume duties such as caring for animals after surgery or feeding and bathing them. She may also assist the veterinarian with recording a pet's weight or taking its temperature. This can be in addition to scheduling appointments and preparing billing statements. Practice managers normally do not deal with medical insurance companies on a regular basis, however.

Lawyers often need someone to manage the everyday business of the firm, so they sometimes have practice manager jobs available. In this setting, a manager may be responsible for accounting functions, filing paperwork with the court systems, and maintaining files. This may be in addition to supervising other staff members or running errands. Some legal knowledge may be desirable for those seeking a job in this environment.

People who would like to be considered for different practice manager jobs may want to gain administrative experience in a medical or legal office before applying for the position. This can give them a good idea of the skills they might need to be successful as a practice manager. Achieving this goal can be an important career step whether hired for a legal, medical, or veterinary office.

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    • Woman posing
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