What Are the Best Tips for Making Baby Shower Cupcakes?

Amber Eberle

A baby shower is a party thrown for a mother-to-be before the birth of her baby. Cupcakes have become an increasingly popular dessert served at these events. There are many easy recipes for cupcakes, and a variety of flavors that can be made. The guest of honor should be consulted about the type of cupcakes served. Baby shower cupcakes can be decorated to coordinate with a theme, or can be decorated at the shower by guests.

If making mini cupcakes, be sure to make enough for each guest.
If making mini cupcakes, be sure to make enough for each guest.

When hosting this type of party, cupcakes are an easy dessert to make and serve. Before making the baby shower cupcakes, it is usually best to speak to the mother-to-be about her preferences. A pregnant woman can have very interesting food likes and dislikes, and it is important to serve cupcakes that she will enjoy eating.

Cupcakes can be decorated to fit the theme of the baby shower.
Cupcakes can be decorated to fit the theme of the baby shower.

If the hostess is not familiar with baking cupcakes, it can be helpful to test out a few recipes in advance. These small cakes should be moist and spongy, with a sweet flavor. Making several different kinds of cupcakes can ensure that all of the party guests can have a cupcake that suits their tastes. Having a guest count is important when preparing baby shower cupcakes. Most guests will probably have one normal-sized cupcake, but may eat more than one if mini cupcakes are served.

Cupcakes can easily be made to fit in to the theme of a baby shower, if there is one. This can be done with the color of frosting used, or the way the cupcakes are decorated. To display the cupcakes creatively, one can use a tiered cupcake stand placed in the middle of a buffet table, to make the cupcakes a focal point or centerpiece.

Baby shower cupcakes can be decorated very simply or elaborately, depending on the skill of the person making them. The most important aspect of embellishing the cakes is to make them look neat. An easy way to do this is by applying the frosting with an icing or pastry bag. After frosting the cupcakes, additional adornments, like candies or colored sugars, can be added for a fancier look.

Some hostesses may decide to make the cake decorating an activity for the guests to do at the baby shower. In this case, the cakes should be baked and cooled in advance. Different colors and flavors of frosting can be set out in bowls along with cupcake embellishments such as sprinkles or candy. Guests will most likely enjoy eating this kind of customized cupcake, which was made to suit their individual tastes.

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