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What Are the Best Tips for Making Homemade Cupcakes?

A. Gamm
A. Gamm

As of 2011, cupcakes have been increasing in popularity, especially with several media outlets focused on creating visually pleasing and appetizing gourmet cupcakes. This has also led to an increased interest in making homemade cupcakes. By following a few tips, it may be possible to create cupcakes just as palatable. The primary points to remember while baking cupcakes typically include choosing the correct order of ingredients added to the batter, using the best baking tools as possible, and timing.

To achieve the smoothest consistency in the batter, it is usually recommended to add ingredients in a particular order. When mixing the batter, only half the dry ingredients should be used initially. At this point, it is recommended to slowly add each wet ingredient individually and mix after each wet ingredient has been added. Once this is done, the remainder of the dry ingredients may be slowly added to the batter. This process aids in ensuring each ingredient is fully mixed together and minimizes lump,s which in turn creates homemade cupcakes that are lighter.

A frosted cupcake.
A frosted cupcake.

While it is possible to use baking tools found around the house, it is recommended by several bakers to invest in high-quality baking instruments if high-quality homemade cupcakes are desired or if cupcake baking is a potential hobby or career. Many professional bakers recommend investing in a set of piping instruments for frosting as well as a dark, non-stick pan. Ice cream scoops, namely size 12 scoops, are recommended to ensure that the homemade cupcakes are a consistent size. A melon ball scoop is also preferable for creating holes in the cupcakes for fillings. Cupcake liners are a recommended purchase as well, since they keep the cupcakes fresh for longer periods of time and work as a part of the overall cupcake decoration.

According to many professional bakers, the timing of each process in baking homemade cupcakes is important, which is why some recommend purchasing a digital timer to get the most accurate times. It is also recommended to set the time approximately seven to ten minutes earlier than the prescribed time, to check the cupcakes beforehand and test them for signs or dryness or overcooking. Finished cupcakes should still be sticky to the touch on the tops and be able to regain its form when pushed by a finger. While making the frosting, it is generally recommended to add the sugar last, just as the mixture begins to show signs of turning shiny. The shininess of the frosting signals that the ingredients are beginning to melt and adding the sugar just before this moment may give the frosting a lighter and slightly more fluffy appearance.

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    • A frosted cupcake.
      By: Ruth Black
      A frosted cupcake.